Thanks my 2 year great helper, Yee Ping, for taking these wonderful photos for us!

3AB students, Li Lao Shi wish you the best when you go to another higher level next year! 

I am happy to see you grow, but sad to see you leave 3AB class....

Oh! My dear children, Li Lao Shi is going to miss you all very, very, very much! 

IMG_8560.JPG  IMG_8562.JPG  IMG_8554.JPG  IMG_8537.JPG  IMG_8557.JPG IMG_8542.JPG  IMG_8548.JPG    IMG_8539.JPG IMG_8551.JPG  IMG_8545.JPG  IMG_8531.JPGIMG_8569.JPGIMG_8567.JPG

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