Dear 3AB parents and students,

Since some parents still can't access to school o365, I will post homework in both o365 and in our blog for now.

Important Announcement: 

Halloween parade is on this coming Saturday from 2:40pm~3:10pm in school court yard. Parents and students are all welcome to dress in your favorite custome and join our parade. Class pictures will be taken after parade so please have your camera ready. 

Midterm date: 11/14

No school: 11/7




Students will better understand how to do workbook after they finish writing sheets.

 1. //Listening ​

Listen to Li Lao Shi's voice recording on the left of this page (it will play automaticlly when you enter our blog).

Repeat after. (Textbook page 30, 31, 36)

聽李老師的錄音檔 (在右邊),跟著老師念。

听李老师的录音档​ (在右边),跟着老师念。


 2. //Speaking

Speak out-loud while reading textbook page 30, 31, 36.

Call Li Lao Shi 3 times a week reading above pages.




 3. //Writing

Please check email attached files for this week's writing sheets.




 4. /Typing

Type textbookpage 36 on Facebook or email Lao Shi.




Facebok address (Please copy and paste)


 5. 作業簿/作业簿/Workbook

Check page 13 that you have done last week.​

Do page 14, 15, 16.  


See you Saturday for Hallloween parade!


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