Dear 3AB parents and students,

This is our 3AB class blog. I will assign homework and send out class notes here. We also have a closed group Facebook page for students' to do typing homework, and also for parents to directly communicate with me.

Our facebook link:


I was elated to finally saw you today! Especially the familiar faces that I have seen back to the time when we were in CCCS 1st grade. I still remember how we prepared and performed for the Lunar New Year festival. Our children have been growing up so much! They look so mature now!

We have 20 cute students in 3AB class. This year, we are having a traditional and simplified combined class. I found it’s an advantage for students to learn simplified and traditional characters simultaneously. They will be explored to different characters and be able to recognize both! Isn’t that great!



 Class notes: 

 1. Students MUST have Chinese name.

I will send out an email for requiring your child’s Chinese name. Please let me know if you would like me to think of a Chinese name for your child.

 2. 9/19, 2:00pm:

Teacher/parents meeting at classroom LA116.
(Hope we can go back to our classroom LA116 next Saturday. Finger crossed!)


 3. Please check 3AB roster attached in my email,

and please reply to me with “confirm” if your information is correct. If not, please reply to me with your correct info.


 4. We will discuss class volunteers on 9/19. We need:

1~2 class representative, 

1 class Treasurer, 

I class helper (Yee-Ping, Kang Quan’s dad), 

1 photographer, 

2~3 party coordinators for carnival Autumn Festival (11/21),

2~3 party coordinators for Lunar New Year class party (2/6),

2~3 party coordinators for Lantern Festival (3/5),

2~3 party coordinators for End-of-School-Year class party (6/11). 

 5. I will speak 90% of Mandarin in class.

Students will be asked to try their best to ask and answer questions all in Mandarin.


 6. Students didn't bring home their Textbooks and Practice books. 

They should have them next week.


 7. Personal writing booklet:

Students will have their own little writing booklets for every lesson's writing homework, so this will be the only time that I email out the writing sheets unless there is a need for me to send out others. I will hand out their writing booklet next class.  




 1. Writing:

Please check my email attached files and choose either simplified or traditional writing sheets. Students only need to write 4 times for every character. Please finish homework and bring it in next week. Students will get a point for turning in their homework ON TIME.


 2. Speaking:

Please listen and repeat to my lesson one chant voice recording attached in my email. Call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday reading a. lesson one chant, b. the characters in your writing sheets. Remember to say your Chinese name. Li Lao Shi’s phone # (925) 444-3131. 

We will discuss more details next Saturday in our meeting. I look forward to seeing all of you!

Li Lao Shi 李老師   1st day of shcool pictures below. ^_^


IMG_6209.JPG IMG_6210.JPG IMG_6211.JPG IMG_6212.JPG IMG_6213.JPG IMG_6214.JPG IMG_6215.JPG IMG_6216.JPG IMG_6217.JPG IMG_6218.JPG IMG_6219.JPG IMG_6220.JPG IMG_6221.JPG IMG_6222.JPG IMG_6223.JPG  IMG_6225.JPG IMG_6226.JPG IMG_6227.JPG IMG_8876.JPG  

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