Dear 3A parents and students,

Students had final exam today, that means we are done with all the learning this year! Yeah~~

Next Saturday will be our last class. Students will present news broadcasting on the 1st hour, but please kindly come in after 1:15pm to give us a little bit of time to do some rehearsal. After the news broadcasting presentation, it’s our class party! If you have any question or would like to help, please contact our class reps, Yee Ping and Peter, for more details.



 1. News broadcasting:

Practice your news anchor/ weather person scripts every day!!

News anchors, make sure you can read all your scripts fluently and loudly!

Weather persons, make sure you memorize your scripts and can speak with loud voice!


 2 Ambition Owls:

Write your Chinese name and your ambition on your owl!


My我的(wo3 de)

Ambition 志願(zhi4 yuan4)


You can check how to write your ambition using yahoo dictionary, the link:


Thanks to Peter, AnAn’s dad, for volunteering to display owls outside of our classroom on 6/6!



Students who passed the comprehensive test took their certificates home today. I didn’t realize there is a place for teachers to sign names until 2A teacher, Lo Lao Shi reminded me. Please bring back your certificate to school next Saturday, I will sign my name for you~~


Have a wonderful weekend, and I will see you next Saturday!

Li Lao Shi  



LOVE~ LOVE~ LOVE~ ^ ______ ^





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