Dear 3A parents and students,

We finished lesson 10 today!! Yeah!!

I can’t believe we only have 2 more days to go for this school year!

We reviewed lesson 8, 9, and 10 for the final exam on 5/30.

Students took home practice test sheets for fianl exam, please finish it at home. Voice recording for listening test will be sent to you by email or you can listen to it in our blog album, the link:


 Important dates:

 5/23, No class.

 5/30, Final exam on 1st hour.

 6/6, News broadcasting on 1st hour; class party on 2nd hour.



 1 Workbook: page 68~73.

 2. Finish the take-home news forecast sheet.

 3. Finish practice test for final exam.

 4. Listen to Li Lao Shi’s voice recording for news broadcasting and

    fill tones in your news anchor/weather person scripts.

News Anchor voice recording link:

Weather person voice recording link:


 5. Read your news anchor/weather person scripts

    when you call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


You can start decorating your owl, but remember to not write anything on your owl yet.

Have a nice weekend~

Li Lao Shi 

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