Dear 3A parents and students,


 Special Announcement: 

 1. Please come in to our classroom at 2:30pm next Saturday.

        Students have a presentation for dearest mommies.


  2. “Salute to mom” from 1:00pm~2:50pm next Saturday.

         Yummy food will be served at room LA114.


 3. Students social lunch.  12:00pm~1:00pm, 5/16 at CCCS. 

        Students bring their own lunch to school. CCCS will provite ice cream.

        The purpose is for students to better know each other.

        Students social lunch will take place once every month next year.  


 4. Congratulations to students who passed the comprehensive test!

         If your test score is 70 and above, congratulations! you had passed the test.

         If your score is under 70, please prepare to take the makeup test

         on 5/30 after class.  

         If you already decided to stay in 3A class for next school year,

         you can skip the makeup test.


 5. No class on 5/23.


 6. Final exam is on 5/30.


 7. Last day of CCCS and end of year class party is on 6/6.


 8. CCCS online registration is starting! Early bird discount ends at 5/31.

        Students who are going to 4A class next year can start register and save now.

        Students who didn’t pass the comprehensive test will have your score

        right after the makeup test on 5/30.



 Class notes: 

We continue lesson 10 today. Students reviewed all the phrases and learned grammar.





 1. Home practice:

     a. Workbook: Page 64, 65.

     b. Textbook: Page 118.


 2. Typing: Let’s chant on Page 113.


3 Speaking: 

     Call you partners on Mon, Wed, and Fri to practice the following.

     a. Read textbook “Let’s Chant” on page 113,

     b. Read “Task2” in textbook page 116.

     There will be a conversation presentation next week.

     Conversation partners:


克拉 call 蘇菲 on Monday & Wednesday

蘇菲 call 克拉 on Friday

殷琪call 雅芝,詠欣on Monday & Wednesday

雅芝call  殷琪on Friday

宜昇call 美琪on Monday & Wednesday

美琪call宜昇,詠欣on Friday

磊磊 call 天樂 on Monday & Wednesday

天樂 call 磊磊 on Friday

光政 call 謹華 on Monday & Wednesday

謹華 call 光政 on Friday

思賢 call 康權 on Monday & Wednesday

康權 call 思賢 on Friday

安安 call 華禧on Monday & Wednesday

華禧 call 安安 on Friday

啟蘇 call 海靈 on Monday & Wednesday

海靈 call 啟蘇 on Friday


 4. Practice singing “寶貝”. Sing along with video.




 5. Finish your mother’s card and remember to bring it to class next week.

The Sentences you can use to write on your card:



















Class pictures.

Students practiced writing characters on black board.


IMG_5577.JPG IMG_5578.JPG

IMG_5579.JPG IMG_5580.JPG


Kim brought super yummy home-made snack again!

Lucky us!




Yum yum~~~




Thanks to sweet 啟蘇 for the beautiful, yummy cookies~




Have a nice weekend!

Li Lao Shi 李老師 


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