This week's conversation partners:



啟蘇 call 海靈 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

海靈 call 啟蘇 on Wednesday/Friday.


安安 call 華禧 on Tuesday/Thursday.  

華禧 call 安安 on Wednesday/Friday.


思賢 call 天樂 on Tuesday/Thursday.  

天樂 call 思賢 on Wednesday/Friday.


光政 call 宜昇 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

宜昇 call 光政 on Wednesday/Friday.



美琪 call 雅芝 on Tuesday/Thursday. 


雅芝 call 美琪 on Wednesday/Friday.


殷琪 call 康權 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

康權 call 殷琪 on Wednesday/Friday.


克拉 call 蘇菲 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

蘇菲 call 克拉 on Wednesday/Friday.


謹華 call 詠欣 and 磊磊 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

詠欣 call 謹華 on Wednesday/Friday.

磊磊 call 謹華 on Wednesday/Friday.




Dear 3A parents and students,

Thanks for all the parents who helped out today’s “tang1 yuan2”culture experiment.


Thanks our 2 great class reps, Yee Ping and Peter, for organizing this event,


Thanks 宜昇媽媽 Faye for bringing sticky rice and “ma2 shu3”,


啟蘇媽媽 Jenny for bringing “tang1 yuan2”,


謹華媽媽 for bringing the rice cooker and serving skimmer,


磊磊爸爸媽媽 for bringing rice cooker and tang yuan,


克拉爸爸 Tatung for helping out,


美琪媽媽 for bringing napkins,


安安爸爸 Peter for showing up to show your support before meeting, 


and 康權爸爸 Yee Ping for bringing utensil, water, and lots of useful tools.


Thanks again for devoting your precious time to help out today.


Your great efforts are deeply appreciated!



 Class Notes: 

We reviewed lesson 1~7 for the Comprehensive test, tried tang1 yuan2, and didn’t have enough time to start lesson 9 today.




 1. 造句 Make sentences by using the phrases and punctuations below:





 2. Write down pinyin and type the following sentences.

Mail it to Li Lao Shi or bring it to class next time.

















 3. Memorize lesson 3 chant.











 4. Watch Jeremy Lin 3 videos below and answer the following questions in next class.

Q1 : When did he wake up in the morning?

Q2 : Did he pass his first driving test?

Q3 : Is it necessary for him to work so hard? Why?

Q4 : Which university did he graduate from?

Q5 : Is he tall among NBA players?






Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something.

You got a dream, you got to protect it!





宜昇,謹華,康權 finished their typing homework during recess time, great job!

Have a nice weekend~

Li Lao Shi

Please enjoy today's pictures.


IMG_4626.JPG IMG_4628.JPG IMG_4630.JPG




IMG_4643.JPG IMG_4654.JPG  IMG_4662.JPG  IMG_4660.JPG


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