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3A student group learning photos.

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Dear 3A parents,

1 Parents Meeting: 10/1, 1:00pm-1:15pm (this coming Saturday).

  “Recap for Students” and “Padlet” step-by-step demonstration.


2 Song lyric: Students brought home song 夢寐以求 lyric today. Please have your child bring it to school every time.


3 Please have your child view the video below and read aloud textbook page 18 and 19 while Recap. If you don’t know how to Recap, please have your child call # 925-444-3131 to record their read aloud.


Presentation song "夢寐以求".



1. 聽/Listening

Listein to the video above.

2. 說, 讀/Speaking, Reading

Read/read aloud textbook page 18, 19.

3. 打/Typing

Type "Let's chant" on textbook page 17, and email to Lao Shi.


See you next Saturday! 



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      a. Listen to Li Lao Shi's Youtub video reading Textbook "Let' Chant" on page 17.

      b. Listen to Li Lao Shi's reading textbook news words.


 說/ Recap your Speaking


      a. New works on textbook page 16, 17, and 19 ;

      b. Textbook “Let's Chant” on page 17.

      You can review "new works" in the following video 


慧華 is the first one to submit Recap homework. Bravo!!



      page 7, 11

 Padlet your funny photos



 For Parents 

Volunteer sign up link,

Class roster fill out link,


 How to do "Recap for students"

Recap for student toturial video.


Recap link,

class pin,




 How to do "Padlet"

Padlet tutorial


Padlet link,

Right click twice to creat your bulletin, then you can type and upload your funny pictures.


Our students did such a great job today!!

Keep on good work!

See you next Saturday. 下週六見。

Li Lao Shi 李老師

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