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Dear 3AB parents and students,

Since some parents still can't access to school o365, I will post homework in both o365 and in our blog for now.

Important Announcement: 

Halloween parade is on this coming Saturday from 2:40pm~3:10pm in school court yard. Parents and students are all welcome to dress in your favorite custome and join our parade. Class pictures will be taken after parade so please have your camera ready. 

Midterm date: 11/14

No school: 11/7




Students will better understand how to do workbook after they finish writing sheets.

 1. //Listening ​

Listen to Li Lao Shi's voice recording on the left of this page (it will play automaticlly when you enter our blog).

Repeat after. (Textbook page 30, 31, 36)

聽李老師的錄音檔 (在右邊),跟著老師念。

听李老师的录音档​ (在右边),跟着老师念。


 2. //Speaking

Speak out-loud while reading textbook page 30, 31, 36.

Call Li Lao Shi 3 times a week reading above pages.




 3. //Writing

Please check email attached files for this week's writing sheets.




 4. /Typing

Type textbookpage 36 on Facebook or email Lao Shi.




Facebok address (Please copy and paste)


 5. 作業簿/作业簿/Workbook

Check page 13 that you have done last week.​

Do page 14, 15, 16.  


See you Saturday for Hallloween parade!


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Dear 3AB parents and studnets,

You can see this week's homework both in our blog and our class O365.

1. 聽/ 听/ Listening:
Listen to Li Lao Shi's voice recording of 第三課生字,課文/第三课生字,课文.
2. 說/ 说/ Speaking:
Call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday reading page 28 and 29.
3. 打/ Typing:
Type all the new phrases on page 28 and 29 on 3AB facebook page (See useful link on the righ) or email to Li Lao Shi before next class.
4. 寫/ 写/ Writing:
Please see email attached files.
5.  業簿/ 作业簿/ Workbook
page 13,17
Thanks 艾文‘ dad and 星成’s mom and brother for taking class pictures for us!
Please enjoy the pictures below.
Have a nice weekend.​ 

1.jpg 2.jpg DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0012.JPG DSC_0014.JPG DSC_0016.JPG   

DSC_0020.JPG DSC_0024.JPG DSC_0027.JPG photo 1.JPG photo 2.JPG photo 3.JPG photo 4.JPG photo 5.JPG photo 6.JPG photo 7.JPG photo 8.JPG photo 9.JPG photo 10.JPG photo 11.JPG photo 12.JPG photo 13.JPG photo 14.JPG   

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Dear 3AB parents and students,

Please remember to MUST roll down to see IMPORTANT NOTES!



 1 Listening

Listen to Li Lao Shi’s voice recording of textbook page 18, 19, 24, and repeat after.

You can listen to Lao Shi’s voice recording

A. on the left of this page.

b. in our album.

c. below:

Page 18:


語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供

Page 19:

語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供


Page 24:

語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供


 2. Speaking:

Say it out-loud reading textbook page 18, 19, and 24 when you call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


 3. Writing:

Write every word on the writing sheets that you took home today.

PS. Finish the connecting game paper you took home today.


 4. Workbook: page 9, 10, 12.


 5. Typing:

Type Let's Chant on page 17 on our Facebook page or email to Li Lao Shi.

 Facebook link (please copy and paste):

 Li Lao Shi’s email:


 Important reminder: 

Typing will be included in our level testStudents have to pass the typing test to go to next level next year. Please remind your child to turn in their typing homework every time when the typing homework is assigned. (Email me or write on our Facebook page before next class.)


 Class notes: 

I am so sorry for being late today. My computer was left at home and I had to rush back home to get it.

 Million thanks to Jessica and Larry (艾文’s parents) for leading students to write new phrases on white board, took photos, and manage class before I came back. Please kindly email me the class photos that you took today. I will post them in our blog. 

 Million thanks to King (美玲’s dad) for being so very nice and moved us to the cooler classroom LA115. It did feel much cooler! However, the principle suggested us to stay in our LA116 classroom because there is a EP class right after school in LA115. He also mentioned that winter is coming soon. So we will remind in LA116. Thank you, King, I am so really appreciated!

 Million thanks to Muiniana (星成‘s mom) and 星成’s older borther for taking class picutres for us today. Please kindly email me the photos that you took today so I can post them in our blog.  


 子懿is our 班長next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Li Lao Shi 李老師(师) 

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Dear 3AB parents and students,

Thanks Chris (珍月’s dad) and Wenda (慧華’s mom) volunteer to be our 2 class reps!

Bravo! Thank you so much for willing to devote your precious time for us!!


Please see the today's notes and homework below.



 1. Students’ workbooks were not collected and revised today. We spent 1st hour to review lesson one grammar and family tree. I believe students are having a clear idea of how to do their workbook homework assigned last week. Please have them recheck their workbook homework from last week. 


We started learning lesson two new phrases and chant at the 2nd hour

Students are bringing home their own personal writing booklet today.

They were told to take extra care of it. This booklet will be used for the whole year (2 semesters).




1. Writing: (Write the following characters and pinyin in your writing booklet.)







上课shàng kè,下xià,课外活动kè wài huó dòng

学校xué xiào,乐队yuè duì,球qiú参加cān jiā,

huí jiā  ,想 xiǎng休息xiū xí可是 kě shì

děi就是jiù shì,都是dōu shì,也是yě shì































上課shàng kè,下xià,課外活動kè wài huó dòng

學校 xué xiào,樂隊yuè   duì,球qiú 參加cān     jiā

回家huí jiā,想 xiǎng,休息xiū xí   ,可是kě shì  

děi jiù shì,都是dōu shì,也是yě shì




Stroke order website for traditional characters. Type pinyin to find the character


















Stroke order website for simplified characters. Type pinyin to find the character




 2. Workbook:  

a. Lesson 2, Page 7, page 11.

b. Recheck lesson one, Page 3 (section 4 and 5), page 4, and page 6.

(Following are the ways to solve the problems on workbook page 6.)























  3. Typing

Type all the words that you write in your booklet.



 4. Speaking:


Read all the characters in your booklet and page 17 chant when you call 李老師 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Thanks 子懿從院子摘下來的檸檬~




Have a nice weekend.

李老师/ 李老師 










































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