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Congratulations to 啟蘇!!

啟蘇 represented CCCS to participate the “2015 Academic Competition of Association of Northern California Chinese Schools”, and she won the honorable metion in the Wetern Drawing categotyThis is 啟蘇’s first time representing our school, and she did such a great job! We are so proud of her!




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Dear 3A parents and students,

My internet is finally working now. So sorry for the delay.



 There is no class on 4/4.  Class will resume on 4/11.



 Class notes: 

We had practice test at the 2nd hour. This practice test only includes part of the comprehensive test. We will have another practice test on 4/11. The comprehensive test is on 4/18.



Many thanks to Kim, Jenny, Michelle, and Maria ! Without your help, the test couldn’t had gone so smoothly. I will need your help gain on 4/11. Same routine, same location. Hope you could kindly help out again.

Thanks to Peter for picking up my 3 kids from home for me while I subbing for morning 1AB class. Truly appreciate your kindness.



Students learnt lesson 9 grammar at the 1st hour.




 1 Study your practice test. I will send out the test paper. One with answers and one without answers. Please check email attached files.

 2. Workbook: page 57, 58, 60, and 61. Students will win a prize for finishing all lesson 9 workbook assignment. (Page 55~61)

 3. Typing: Type lesson 1~7 chant last sentences every day or at least 6 times before next class. Send your typing to Li Lao Shi before 4/11.

 4. Speaking: Call your partners to practice reading lesson 1~ lesson 7 chant. (Lesson 3 chant should be memorized.)


Conversation partners:

克拉 call 雅芝 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

雅芝 call 克拉 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


殷琪 call 蘇菲 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

蘇菲 call 殷琪 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


美琪 call 天樂 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

天樂 call 美琪 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


磊磊 call 宜昇  on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

宜昇 call 磊磊 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


啟蘇 call 海靈 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

海靈 call 啟蘇 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


思賢 call 詠欣 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

詠欣 call 思賢 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


安安 call 華禧 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

華禧 call 安安 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


謹華 call 光政,康權 on Mon, Wed, Fri (This week)

光政,康權 call 謹華 on Mon, Wed, Fri (Next week)


See you in 2 weeks.

Li Lao Shi

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DSC_0001.JPG DSC_0004.JPG DSC_0005.JPG DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0011.JPG DSC_0013.JPG DSC_0014.JPG DSC_0015.JPG DSC_0016.JPG DSC_0017.JPG DSC_0018.JPG DSC_0019.JPG   



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Dear 3A parents and students,

We started lesson 9 today. Students learned new words on page 100 and 101. We also reviewed lesson 1~7 for the comprehensive test. We spent the last 20 minutes to do a practice exam which students will finished at home and turn in next time. I will send my exam voice recording via email if students want to recheck their answers. 

 Next Saturday, students will take the practice test at the 2nd hour.

    I will help students review before the test.



 1. Writing/Typing: 

Please see email attached files for writing sheets.

Practice the stroke orders and type all the words in your writing sheets.

You can listen to the words below.


語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供










 2. Workbook: page 55, 56 (2a, 2b), 59.


 3. Finish your practice paper.

Please see email attached file for Li Lao Shi’s voice recording.  


 4. Speaking: Read lesson 9 chant on page 101 when you call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can listen to the chant below.


語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供












Have a wonderful weekend!

Li Lao Shi 

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This week's conversation partners:



啟蘇 call 海靈 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

海靈 call 啟蘇 on Wednesday/Friday.


安安 call 華禧 on Tuesday/Thursday.  

華禧 call 安安 on Wednesday/Friday.


思賢 call 天樂 on Tuesday/Thursday.  

天樂 call 思賢 on Wednesday/Friday.


光政 call 宜昇 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

宜昇 call 光政 on Wednesday/Friday.



美琪 call 雅芝 on Tuesday/Thursday. 


雅芝 call 美琪 on Wednesday/Friday.


殷琪 call 康權 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

康權 call 殷琪 on Wednesday/Friday.


克拉 call 蘇菲 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

蘇菲 call 克拉 on Wednesday/Friday.


謹華 call 詠欣 and 磊磊 on Tuesday/Thursday. 

詠欣 call 謹華 on Wednesday/Friday.

磊磊 call 謹華 on Wednesday/Friday.




Dear 3A parents and students,

Thanks for all the parents who helped out today’s “tang1 yuan2”culture experiment.


Thanks our 2 great class reps, Yee Ping and Peter, for organizing this event,


Thanks 宜昇媽媽 Faye for bringing sticky rice and “ma2 shu3”,


啟蘇媽媽 Jenny for bringing “tang1 yuan2”,


謹華媽媽 for bringing the rice cooker and serving skimmer,


磊磊爸爸媽媽 for bringing rice cooker and tang yuan,


克拉爸爸 Tatung for helping out,


美琪媽媽 for bringing napkins,


安安爸爸 Peter for showing up to show your support before meeting, 


and 康權爸爸 Yee Ping for bringing utensil, water, and lots of useful tools.


Thanks again for devoting your precious time to help out today.


Your great efforts are deeply appreciated!



 Class Notes: 

We reviewed lesson 1~7 for the Comprehensive test, tried tang1 yuan2, and didn’t have enough time to start lesson 9 today.




 1. 造句 Make sentences by using the phrases and punctuations below:





 2. Write down pinyin and type the following sentences.

Mail it to Li Lao Shi or bring it to class next time.

















 3. Memorize lesson 3 chant.











 4. Watch Jeremy Lin 3 videos below and answer the following questions in next class.

Q1 : When did he wake up in the morning?

Q2 : Did he pass his first driving test?

Q3 : Is it necessary for him to work so hard? Why?

Q4 : Which university did he graduate from?

Q5 : Is he tall among NBA players?






Don't ever let somebody tell you that you can't do something.

You got a dream, you got to protect it!





宜昇,謹華,康權 finished their typing homework during recess time, great job!

Have a nice weekend~

Li Lao Shi

Please enjoy today's pictures.


IMG_4626.JPG IMG_4628.JPG IMG_4630.JPG




IMG_4643.JPG IMG_4654.JPG  IMG_4662.JPG  IMG_4660.JPG


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Group discussion time:


IMG_4080.JPG IMG_4082.JPG IMG_4083.JPG IMG_4084.JPG IMG_4085.JPG IMG_4086.JPG IMG_4088.JPG IMG_4089.JPG IMG_4090.JPG IMG_4091.JPG IMG_4092.JPG IMG_4093.JPG IMG_4095.JPG IMG_4096.JPG IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4098.JPG IMG_4099.JPG IMG_4100.JPG IMG_4101.JPG IMG_4103.JPG IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4105.JPG  



Thanks Kim, 美琪‘s mom, for the heavenly home-made Macaron!!

Thanks Peter for saving an extra green one for me.

Thanks Yee Ping for helping out in class~ 

Following are today's class notes and homework assignment.




 Dear 3A parents and students, 


Yesterday was the Lantern Festival "元宵節".

It falls on the 15th day of the 1st lunar month.

Students learnt the story, custom, and how people in Taiwan celebrate this special day. Here is the story video of “元宵節 yuan2 xiao1 jie2”



 Students practiced lesson 8 grammar and phrases in groups.

We will start lesson 9 next week.


 In 3/28, we will have our first practice exam of the Comprehensive Test.

I will put together all the material on "quizlet" this week for students to review.


 Most of our students have decided to be "news anchor" or "weather person" for our end-of-semester presentation.

Here are the lists:


 News anchors:


Anna安安, Brycen謹華, Eric光政, Ethan宜昇, Meghan美琪,


Michelle詠欣, Nicholas康權, Samuel磊磊, Shireen華禧, Tyler思賢



 Weather persons:


Bridget啟蘇, Rachel雅芝, Sofia蘇菲.



 Have not decide:


Heather海靈, Joshua天樂, Kayla克拉, Kaylie殷琪


 There are only 6 students turned in their workbooks today. Please engcourage your child to review, study, and finish their weekly assignment at home before every class.


Student who doesn't turn in homework will be asked to stay after school to finish homework. Student who doesn't mail typing homework to me will also be asked to stay and finish their typing after class.


I do need and very much appreciate your support, and I will be more than happy to help if students have any question about their homework.



 1. Speaking: Read textbook page 95, 好,便,得

         when you call Li Lao Shi on Mon, Wed, Fri. 

         You can listen to Li Lao shi’s voice recording in email attached file or in our

         album. Album link: 


 2. Leaning sheet: Please see email attached files for 2 learning sheets "學習單".

         Just choose one sheet to do, no need to do both leaning sheets.


 3. Typing: Type 2 sentences on page 95 “practice it”. See bellow:




mei4 mei de ai4 hao4 shi4 chang4 ge1,




cong2 xue2 xiao4 dao4 wo3 jia1 dei3 kai1 che1 ban4 ge xiao3 shi2,


hen3 bu4 fang1 bian4。 


Have a wonderful weekend~

Li Lao Shi 

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DSC_0091.JPG DSC_0101.JPG  





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Dear 3A parents and students,

Thanks to all the parents who took time to join us today. 

If you didn't come to class today, please see the Comprehensive Test Q and A below.


Q: What is "comprehensive test"?

A: There is a school-wide comprehensive test before the end of the school year.  This test will serve as a tool for teachers and parents to evaluate students’ ability to take on fourth level challenges.


Q: When is the comprehensive test?

A: The 3rd week of April in our LA117 classroom.


Q: What’s the format and content for comprehensive test?

A: It includes lesson 1~ 7. (excludes lesson 8~10)

1. Listening (35%):

    Students listen to 2 voice recordings and circle the correct   

    answers. 7 questions.

2. Speaking (35%):

    a. Read aloud “Let’s chant”.

    b. Answer questions.

3. Reading (20%):

    Read 10 sentences and circle correct answers.

4. Writing (5%):

    Write 2 sentences by using phrases and puntuations provided.

5. Typing (5%):

    Read/listen, and then type 2 sentences. 


Q: How do we prepare? Is there any study tool?

A: Study guide will be send to students.

     Online practices will also be available.

     There will also be a practice exam two weeks prior.


Q: What if students’ didn’t pass the test?

A: Students who didn’t reach 65% of the test can take a makeup test in May.

    The 2nd makeup test is in September, one week before school starts.


Q: What is the purpose of comprehensive test?

A: To ensure students have sufficient knowledge for 3rd grade level so they will have confidence to take the challenge for higher level next year.




Q: 什麼是鑑定考?

A: 學期結束前,將舉行全校鑑定考,



Q: 鑑定考什麼時候舉行?

A: 四月的第三個禮拜,在3A室內舉行。


Q: 鑑定考的分數比重如何計算?內容是什麼?




2.口語表達能力 (35%):

   a. 朗讀課文中的Let’s chant”。

   b. 回答老師的問題。



4.寫作能力 (5%):





Q: 學生要如何準備?有沒有複習工具?

A: 鑑定考“study guide很快會寄出。




Q: 學生如果沒有通過鑑定考,怎麼辦?




Q: 鑑定考的目的是什麼?



Please feel free to ask me question about the April Comprehensive Test.


 Class Notes: 

1. 3A students will have a scenario of "television news broadcasting" in the end of this semester.  Please let me know if you want to be a "news anchor" or the "weather lady/man". If you can’t decide which role you want to be, Li Lao Shi will assign the role for you.


2. We continue learning lesson 8.

Students reviewed all the new words and learned grammar.



1. Study: Text book page 90, 91, and 95.

    Li Lao Shi will ask you questions that come form these 3 pages next time,

    and you should be able to answer me. 

2. Writing: (Please see email attached file for writing sheet)





3. Work book: Page 51, 52, and 54.

4. Speaking: Tell Li Lao Shi what’s your 愛好,

    and read text book page 89 “Let’s Chant” when you call Li Lao Shi on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

   You can listen to Let's Chant" below.


語音合成由賽微文字轉語音(Cyberon TTS)服務提供














5. Typing: Type "Let's Chant" on our facebook page or email it to Li Lao Shi

    3A Facebook link:


Have a wonderful weekend.

Li Lao Shi

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